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Solidarity with the iranian transportation workers – 16.11.18

LO I Trondheim, Norway, joins the campaign of solidarity with the iranian transportation workers, specifically truck drivers in their fight for the right to organize and the right to protest against worsening work conditions. The ongoing protest actions take place in different provinces of Iran and are the result of material and human deterioration of work conditions in the iranian industry. Workers are protesting against the bad conditions related to wages, security on the roads, and scarsity of spare parts necessary for normal transport conditions.

We are aware of the fact that the international sanctions against Iran is subject to have a negative effect on the economy in general and on iranian workers conditions in particular. The consequences of the international sanctions cannot justify the repression of workers.   Iran’s attorney general, Mohammad Jaafar Montazeri, suggested recently that those who initiated the protest actions will be subject to death penalty, citing a threat to national security. This is unfortunately to be understood as a double punishment for the workers and the rest of the population. It is not acceptable.

We share the same concerns as the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) about the earlier arrestation of 150 truck drivers and the hard sanctions that may result from their trial.

We look forward to the release of the arrested workers and the start of a dialog in order to find serious solutions to their legitimate grievances.


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Karim Essahli /s/                                                                   John-Peder Denstad

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